At times, it is necessary to create a test page (that cannot be viewed by the public), while keeping the current page live and available to website visitors. In this instance, the test page is a valuable tool. This tutorial will walk you through creating this test page, including how to use the HTML code when you are ready to publish on the live page.

Login and Find


Login to your WordPress site and Click on “Add New” on the Pages Tab (this can be found on the left-hand column of your dashboard).

Set up the Test Page

  1. Enter a title for the test page (I always put my Test Pages in ALL CAPS, so I can find them more easily later on).
  2. Click “Edit” beside the “Visibility” option. Choose “Private” (you can leave it public, but if your theme automatically adds new pages to the Navigation bar, it can be seen by website visitors).
  3. In order to see your changes right away for testing, leave the “Publish” option set to “immediately”.
  4. Click “Publish”.

Place Your Content

  1. This is the step where you place your content on your page. You can add images, audio, video, words, or whatever you desire.
  2. After you have your content in place, click the “Update” button.

Review your changes


Click the “View Page” link or button to see what your test page looks like. (You can also right click either one and choose for the page to load in a new tab or window).

Copy the HTML Code


Once you have all your page changes how you want them to appear, you are ready to copy the HTML code and paste it into the live page.

  1. Click the HTML Tab on your WordPress Editor.
  2. Select all the text that is in the window and copy it.
  3. Paste the code into a text document (Like: Notepad) to save for later OR Go to the live page on your site, click the HTML tab and paste the code where you want it. [***Don’t forget to click the PUBLISH button when you are ready for your changes to go live.***]

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