Thinking of setting up a new site? Not sure where to start? NeuHytte Concepts can help you.

Getting your web site up allows you to establish your web presence. That is the first step to getting your business noticed today. It is so vitally important in this age.

Read on to learn what you need to do to get your website started…

  1. Think of a website name and check to see if it is available.
  2. If available, purchase the domain.
  3. Decide whether you want an HTML website, WordPress site, or other type of site.
  4. Make or have a logo and header made for your site.
  5. Think of the colors, type of lettering, pictures, etc… that you want on your site.
  6. Before completing your site’s design, decide if anything above sounds a little overwhelming or beyond what you are comfortable with. You may want to contact your web host to see what services are included with your package before you begin designing. If you need help with your design, contact a designer to help you.

NeuHytte Concepts can help you with all of these steps, or just a few; whatever your need may be. We can help you from step one and do it all for you or guide you through the design and set-up process. We are here to help you get your online presence out there!

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