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“So, where have you been?” is a question I am hearing a lot since rebranding our business.

Happy New Year! Thank you for staying connected with me on social media in my absence. Thank you also to all of the new page followers that have joined since last week. I am grateful for you all.
I first began working remotely in 2004, when my children were small and I wanted to be home with them. By 2005, I had left the teaching field and was home full time with my babies. A few years later, this thing called Facebook came into existence and in 2011, we launched our Business Facebook Page.

Eleven years is quite a long time to go without a rebrand.

So, as you can tell with the new logo you’ve been seeing, it was time for a rebrand. 🙂 Our mission remains the same though: helping you take your business to new heights.

Now back to explaining the answer to “where have you been”?

In 2016, we relocated from South Carolina to Extreme Upstate New York to find that the only home Internet available to us was approximately at dial-up speed. We struggled to keep our online business running using cellular hotspots and Hughes Net, but had to make the difficult decision to return to teaching in 2018. After 13 years away, this time I was employed full time as an Elementary Computer Science Teacher until the pandemic hit. During the nationwide quarantine, I received an emergency certification as an Educational Technology Specialist. When our technology coordinator at that time suddenly retired, I was chosen to take over his position. I have been working full time (and then some) at this job. It has been quite the rollercoaster, but it is very rewarding.
Around the same time I took over as technology coordinator, we discovered that Starlink was doing Beta testing in our remote area of NY and we signed up immediately. Last Spring, our equipment finally arrived. We hooked it up and it has been as they say, A GAME CHANGER. We can stream video, we have WiFi security cameras, and even a Roku doorbell now. We had not been able to do any of those things since we moved to NY.
Plus, as we soon discovered, we are now able to work remotely online again like we did back in SC. My day job keeps me pretty busy from 8 am-3 pm, but from 3 pm – 8 pm, I am now able to work on rebuilding our online business. Like I said, the day job is very rewarding and I am not ready to part with that 100% just yet. However, we do want to rebuild our business back to the enterprise it was before we moved six years ago. 

Something amazing happened!!!

While trying to find some balance between the day job, rebuilding our business, running the hobby farm, and sleep, the most amazing thing happened. My oldest daughter had a baby, my first grandbaby (a sweet little boy) and she told me that she wanted to set up her home business so she could work from home full time like I did all those years ago when she was little. Y’all, this proud mama’s heart was beaming with joy! While helping my daughter set up her business, like I have done for countless clients in the past, we discovered that we could team up.

\o/\o/ (This is an old school emoji of us celebrating while we plan this all out.)

I can train her to help with some of my client tasks during the days (when I am working) and in the evenings from 3-8 pm (when she is caring for her family), I can help with her marketing and social media. Then, she could promote my well-proven and mature products and services, while we split the revenue that generates (😮🤩) so she can continue to be at home with her baby but still earn a full time salary. So, that is exactly what we are doing. :o)

So, that pretty much sums up “where have you been” but also gives some insight into where we are going next.

Thank you for sticking with us during this time. We are sooooooo very excited for this plan and are already seeing some amazing results. I’m honored to be able to pick up this story where it left off. I really thought it was the end for our business, but it was just on hold until the time was right. (Thank you, God, for your goodness and for this restoration and adventure you are bringing our family to).

Stay tuned… I can’t wait to update you again soon!

Thank you again and have a blessed new year!


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