If you are looking for web design services for your existing site or new site, having a set of criteria to help you choose a company can be a great help to you.

You want to make sure you make the correct choice so that your product is delivered as specified.

You want to be sure that the web designer you opt for is familiar with the coding that contained on the site. If there are a number of coding errors, it will be difficult to take care of your site in the future. If you want special items and features on your site that are not included in your package or theme (in WordPress, Joomla, etc.), be prepared that it may cost you extra for the designer having to “go into the code” to make those changes for you.

Another pitfall to look out for is if the company is trying to get you to design your site with heavy graphics and overuse of video, for flashiness. Although these sites look great when they load up on your screen, sometimes the site can take a significant amount of time to load. When this occurs, many site visitors will close the window or click the back button on their browser. People today don’t like to wait. If it takes too long to load and people don’t see it, it does not matter how cool it looks. You want an easy-to-read site, that navigates easily so people don’t have to search for the information that they want, and has solid features that consistently load and operate properly.

Another important facet of your web design is making sure you are getting your money’s worth for your web design is to get a proposal for services before they begin. That way you can review and see what is included, what costs extra, how many revisions are included, and what you should expect. If you accept the proposal, this can become your contract. With a contract in hand, surprises and unexpected costs to you are minimized.

Websites today need to be SEO ready. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. If your site is not search-engine friendly, your site will be difficult for people to find when performing a search. Again, if your site does not get seen, then it is not being used to its full potential to help you grow your business. Many companies charge extra for SEO services as optimization is time-consuming, but vitally important to your site.

Most important to choosing a design company is the review of their portfolio. Look carefully and see if they have created websites with the features that you are looking for. That way you can better ensure that you will get what you want in your design. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the portfolio, contact the business and see if they are willing to give references or links to websites they have completed. The testimonials of former and current clients can give you a good impression of what you can expect if you hire that firm.

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