If you have thought about creating a website and found yourself asking: “What is the difference between getting a domain name and web hosting? Aren’t they one in the same?,” then this post is for you.

There are several things that must be done before you even can start designing your new website. This post will help explain some of the “pre-New Websites Need a Domain Name and Web Hostingdesign” steps to make this process a little easier for you.

Domain Name: The first thing you must do when you want to create a website is purchase your domain name. For example, this website’s domain name is neuhytteconcepts.com. Domains can be purchased in a variety of names, with different extensions (.com, .net, .org, .co, .us, and more).

[blur]Your domain name is the location that visitors will type into their browser in order to visit your site. So that it will be easier to remember, some opt for a shorter domain name, rather than their long counterparts. I opted for neuhytteconcepts.com rather than homepagedesignandsupport.com because of this reason. I wanted something shorter and easier to remember.

Your domain name must be renewed before it expires. When you purchase a domain, you can usually opt to pay one, three, or five years at a time. Before the end of your time (whichever one you chose), you must renew this domain name in order to keep it. Depending on the type of extension you want, the price of the domain varies. You can purchase a domain name for about $10.00 or less per year.[/blur]

To check to see if a domain name is available, you can go to: www.EnomCentral.com

Web Hosting: Web hosting is another thing which must be secured before your website can be created. Web hosting refers to space on a server where the files for your website will live. You will need to have purchased your domain name before you can get web hosting. Hosting packages vary in cost, depending on the amount of space and features desired. Some people choose to purchase web hosting at the same place where the domain name was purchased. This is one option and to keep things simple for your first site, it is not a bad option at all. I know GoDaddy and EnomCentral both offer these services.

Personally, I prefer to use web hosting that has the cPanel online interface. It is like the back office of your website and I like the features and simplicity that the cPanel offers. We can make a recommendation on web hosting options for you. Just ask. 🙂

Hosting is purchased in a package, usually payable monthly or annually, depending on the company you choose. The cost is usually around $10.00 or less per month.

Once you have your domain name and your web hosting purchased, you are ready to start designing your site. Some hosting companies have pre-made templates you can use, but for a more customized website, you may opt for hiring a designer instead.

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